2015 Annual Meeting

When: July 25 and 26, 2015

Where: Eagan, MN

Host Chorus: Calliope Women's Chorus (Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN)

Thank you Calliope for your gracious and abundant hospitality!

Festival Planning Documents

Is your chorus considering hosting the 2018 Sister Singers Network festival? This was one of the hot topics discussed last weekend at the annual meeting.

We have documents available to help prospective hosts consider the elements needed to host a festival. We also have the records from previous festivals to help guide you in your planning. Consider the possibilities!

Most importantly we have members who have produced festivals and can answer your questions!


New Web Site

Here it is at last. All Dancing! All Singing! (Well, Mostly)

This is our new Website on our new host. Things should be easier to find and share now that each page has a unique URL. As with all new ventures there are going to be some missing parts and missplaced things, I am working to resolve those as quickly as possible. The perfect being the enemy off the good, we begin with most of the things you are looking for. Please contact me with any problems you encounter.

The arrangement is a bit different, member oriented content links are on the right, and the more general content at the top. The Wheel Shop is now Tools and Tips but is the same helpful ideas as before. Let us know if there is something you would like to see added.

Meeting and Festival information is found in Network Events. This includes information for the July 2015 Annual Meeting.

Note that we have added Chorus Jobs, listings by member choruses of their open positions. If you are a current memember we will be glad to add your listing. Also Take Note is for contests and non-SSN events.

You will note that there is no online membership database. The old database doesn't work with this format and we don't have a Database Goddess at the moment. You can check or update your membership information and dues status by contacting the Steering Committee members in charge of those elements.

Please keep checking back while we finish the transfer and rebuilding – and after that to keep up with what's happening with your Sister Singers Network.

— Carol

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